.:[ rawk ]:. rage against web frameworks

brokenlcd's guide to setting up sites with rawk

this is not the only way to do this, it's just how i do it.

step 0: pre-requisites

  1. you need a markdown parser installed. see the readme for the link for smu, the markdown parser i use.

  2. rawk should be installed to your system path. for the sake of this tutorial, we'll assume that rawk is installed in /usr/local (i.e. the script is at /usr/local/bin/rawk). this should be done with the include makefile, which will copy over site templates.

  3. i assume you have a working webserver - i won't cover apache or lighttpd or nginx or whatever web server you're using or how to get dns set up.

step 1: preparing the site

  1. first you should create a project directory. i name mine with the domain name, i.e. rawk.brokenlcd.net. for the same of this document, we'll call this directory $project. now cd $project.

  2. create a directory in $project to contain the site src. we'll call this $site. for example, mkdir rawk_site. you can add a quick $site/index.md to test the site: echo it works > $site/index.md.

  3. copy over the skeleton files: cp -r /usr/local/share/rawk/site/* . these files should be in $project. in $project/ you should have $site, Makefile, rawkrc, and templates. in this example,

step 2: initial configuration

  1. edit the Makefile:

step 3: set up version control

  1. this step is quite optional but strongly recommended.

  2. you should use whatever version control system you are happy with. i like git, some other good scms are mercurial and fossil.

  3. it is strongly recommended that you only track changes to $site. the makefile will generate $site.build; this should be ignored.

step 4: add content

  1. all the site content goes in $site

  2. all .md files will be converted to .html - index.md -> index.html, about.md -> about.html, etc...

  3. rawk copies everything over to build directory but doesn't touch anything but markdown files. this means anything in $site will be pushed to your site.

  4. when creating links to other pages in your markdown files, be sure to use page.html instead of page.md.

step 5: build and publish

  1. now it's time to use that makefile you edited in step 2.

  2. from inside $project (where the makefile should be), issuing make or make site should build your site. if you list the directory after the make, you should see a $site.build directory. this contains a static html version of $site.

  3. make install to rsync your site to RHOST.

  4. make clean to remove the build directory.

step 6: enjoy

your site should be up and running now. you are free to focus on content and not on a framework.

if you run across bugs, would like to contribute patches back, or have ideas for improvement, you can check out the sourcefourge page in the links section of where can i get rawk.